With my new dentures, I am no longer conscientious about my teeth when I speak or smile. My experience has been amazing. You and your staff respect my time, and work hard to make me feel like a friend and not just another patient.– Chuck, Syracuse, NY

Choosing dental implants was a major investment, but it was well worth it. After 6 months, my smile is more natural than it has been since age 9. Nothing else could have provided the confidence that implants have given me in my smile. – Helene, Ithaca, NY

My experience with your dental office has been above and beyond. I have had 8-10 visits to your office and every one of them has started right on time or a few minutes before my appointment. It is so nice to have a professional that respects the patient’s time as your office strides to do. In addition, everyone in your office tries real hard to make the patient feel like a friend and not just another person in the appointment book. -Anonymous, Central NY

I came to you in need of a non-surgical solution to a persistent structural problem. I was initially impressed by your longstanding expertise in prosthodontics as well as your additional experience with speech pathology and cleft palate patients. These were the reasons I was drawn to your practice. As the treatment progressed, you were not only an unquestionably first-rate professional but also warm and trustworthy. You possess a rare combination of skill and heart. I so admire and respect your work and the integrity you bring to it. I also found the whole process intellectually stimulating and have learned a great deal from you.- Anonymous, Ithaca, NY

To Dr. Stannard and staff: Thank you so much for arranging my emergency appointment so quickly. A crown had come off this morning during flossing. Dr. Stannard was able to easily clean and reattach my crown. I am most appreciative! – Anonymous Ithaca, NY

This appointment was the easiest and most comfortable dentist appointment I ever had. Everyone was very nice and all my thoughts and questions were answered and explained in details I could understand. I was told of my options and did not feel pressured into anything. Even as I am still deciding on what I want to do,I am confident this will by MY new dentist. Anonymous, Syracuse, NY

I do recommend you to anyone I know.. you have made my life so much better.. My fear of dentist has shrunk considerably.. Unless that gigantic needle is coming my way… then i freak.. still working on that.. but you must say i have improved.. thanks doc- Anonymous, Wolcott, NY

Great experience, as always! I drive an hour each way to go to the best dentist and staff in central NY. Anonymous, Ithaca, NY

Dr. Standard is indeed a Specialist which makes you have so much confidence in him. He also has a well trained office staff that puts you right at ease before any treatment is done. I would definitely recommend his practice to my family and friends. Maria